Argon, Lord of the Fire Giants

A harsh, solitary ruler, sworn enemy of Reem


Race: Fire Giant
Class: Giant Noble

Background: Noble, Artisan
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Gender: Male
Age: As old as legends (such as Reem)

Height: 20’
Weight: 650 lbs.

Eyes: Grey
Skin: Dark
Hair: Flaming Red

Weapon of Choice: Giant Greatsword


The race of fire giants came into existence when the red dragons of legend were still young wyrmlings. It is common lore that giants and dragons have harbored a fierce rivalry over the centuries, but there is no other fiery grudge that rivals the hatred between Argon and Reem. Ruling from his throne in an ancient cave near the south borders of civilization, Argon has outlasted most of his kind in the land. He still wields the magnificent greatsword he forged specifically for Reem.

When Reem was banished to Mechanus by Arkan and Aryan, Argon formed an alliance with the black dragon, and the two of them worked together to plot the end of civilized man. Their plot revolved around The Fury, which they restored from obscurity and gained a few powerful followers.

Argon guards his realm fiercely, after many years of defending it against Reem, other monsters, and humans. He hates most races and only forms alliances with those who hate the same creatures, or races, that he does.

Argon, Lord of the Fire Giants

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