Arkan the Black Dragon

A monstrosity with ambitions as abrasive as his acid breath


Race: Ancient Black Dragon
Class: Wild Dragon

Background: Criminal
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Gender: Male
Age: Nearly as old as legends (such as Reem)

Height: 20’
Weight: 700 lbs.

Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Black Scales
Hair: None

Weapon of Choice: Acid Breath


With scales as dark as Reem’s shadow, Arkan the Black Dragon never quite measured up to his fiery red opponent. However, he was able to seize Reem’s treasure hoard during one of Reem and Argon’s legendary battles. When Reem returned, Arkan gained the upper hand with a surprise acid attack while his servant, Aryan the Acidulous, cast a spell to banish Reem to the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus.

Argon was overjoyed at the disappearance of his draconic nemesis, and he and Arkan formed an alliance to gain dominance over the Material Plane. They discovered records of an ancient order called The Fury. The order never amounted to much, but the fire giant and the black dragon brought it out of obscurity to gain a few powerful followers for their destructive cause.

Arkan the Black Dragon

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