Aryan the Acidulous

A bitter pawn of dark legends


Race: Black Dragonborn
Class: Sorcerer

Background: Sage (Discredited academic)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Male
Age: 45

Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Black Scales
Hair: None

Weapon of Choice: Magic


Ages ago, powerful magic sorcerers from the Kerrhylon clan once served Tiamat, the evil dragon queen. Since Tiamat’s downfall, the clan became scattered throughout the land and underground. A small subset of the clan, covered with pitch black scales, settled in the roots of an obscure mountain range. This is the legacy Aryan inherited, and he has dedicated his life to seeking and obtaining draconic power. His quest for knowledge and power was met with disdain even among other black dragonborn, who feared that nothing useful or profitable could come from seeking portals to other worlds and planes. Dejected, Aryan left his clan to seek knowledge and fortune elsewhere.

Not long in his adventures, he encountered Arkan, who took him in as a trusted servant. In the years that followed, Aryan inhabited strongholds and increased his magical might, as well as his knowledge of the other planes of existence. Aryan was also instrumental in the defeat of Reem and the recruitment of Argon, using his knowledge of magic and the planes to impress, intimidate, and banish.

Aryan did not take too kindly to Arkan’s defeat, and has since regretted missing his chances to fight the heroes who were responsible. But, he has since developed an alliance, or perhaps an apprenticeship, with a darker, more powerful master, Asmodeus. The black, acidulous dragonborn waits patiently for his time to destroy more enemies of evil.

Aryan the Acidulous

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