Asmodeus, God of Tyranny

Once the greatest of devils, now a lone schemer of chaos


Race: Devil
Class: Noble

Background: Deity (Tyranny, Oppression)
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, but has the appearance of about 40

Height: 13’
Weight: 113 lbs. (so they say, no one has really checked)

Eyes: Crimson
Skin: Pale Red
Hair: Black

Weapon of Choice: Ruby Rod (magic scepter), Cunning


Note: This backstory is a deviation from official D&D sources.

From the very creation of the planes, Asmodeus has asserted himself as the chiefest of all devils, even of all evil. Though gifted with tremendous magical power, he prefers first to resort to trickery, manipulation, and acts of cunning, premeditated evil to get his way. For millennia, Asmodeus was the ruler of the ninth layer (the deepest) of the Nine Hells, and it appeared he could never be bested.

Until his daughter got ideas.

Glasya was the ruler of the sixth layer of the Nine Hells, and came to the realization that her father had no other heirs to his deep throne of evil. She confronted Asmodeus, who asserted that his life and his reign would be eternal. Angered, Glasya plotted against her father to take the throne by force. She remembered Tiamat, the five-headed evil dragon queen, locked and restrained in a prison by an ancient pact made by many other deities (good, neutral, and evil). Glasya snuck into Tiamat’s domain and filled the dragon’s heads with lies, promising that Asmodeus would soon free her. Tiamat’s roars of delight penetrated the nine layers.

Soon after, Glasya snuck behind Asmodeus’ throne and conjured the most subtle trickery and sorcery that only a child of Asmodeus could manage, and planted the tiniest charm in her father’s twisted psyche. The lord of the Nine Hells became convinced that he was falling in love with Tiamat, and desired to court her, to win her love. This ludicrous desire caused many other powerful devils to begin to question his rule and eventually reject him. Glasya was soon accepted as the new ruler of the ninth layer and Asmodeus was banished to the Infinite Battlefield of Archeron.

It was never thought possible that the lowest and greatest of devils could fall even further, but Asmodeus did. He made his new residence in Archeron, developing schemes to attract the destructive attention of Tiamat. His most recent scheme is to nudge the fickle Material Plane over to destructive tyranny and chaos. He recruited Arkan the Black Dragon to the cause, and so began the chain of events that would attempt to assert the dominance of powerful, malevolent creatures. The intervention of a few adventurers, closing the portal and destroying the monsters and dragons, is viewed my Asmodeus as but a minor setback. He waits patiently for another opportunity to unleash his malevolent trickery and cunning on the Material Plane once more.

Asmodeus, God of Tyranny

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