Boqqle the Smith

The Steel-Tin Fighter, one of the guardians of Wozington


Race: Warforged
Class: Fighter

Background: Villager, Blacksmith
Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Male
Age: Undetermined

Height: 6’
Weight: 250 lbs.

Eyes: Small bulbs of yellow light
Skin: Steel, coated with tin
Hair: None

Weapon of Choice: Greataxe


Boqqle used to be an apprentice human blacksmith in Wozington, with plans to marry a young woman in the village. His prospective mother-in-law strongly disapproved of the match and hired a witch to attack him and keep him away from her daughter. The witch enchanted Boqqle’s tools and set them against him, mutilating him. Boqqle’s master helped him create a new body made from steel, coated with tin. The young woman was shocked when she learned of Boqqle’s fate, and her mother was horrified and ashamed of what she had started. They both fled Wozington to live elsewhere.

Due to his transformation, Boqqle became much stronger, but no less kind-hearted. He went on adventures with Feyrow and Leo until the three of them decided to settle down in Wozington, where Boqqle took over the blacksmith shop where we worked as an apprentice. After the village elder’s passing, Boqqle, Feyrow, and Leo assumed leadership of the village, with Boqqle retaining his shop while guarding and maintaining the village treasury. Due to his skill with metal, he is known as “the Smith.”

Boqqle the Smith

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