Borack the Half-Orc Tyrant

An advocate of orc and earth, a tyrant of civilized man


Race: Half Orc
Class: Fighter

Background: Charlatan
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Male
Age: 35

Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 230 lbs.

Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale, with a slight hint of green
Hair: Black

Weapon of Choice: Greatsword


The human side of his heritage allowed Borack to quickly achieve a high position in his orc tribe. Apart from displaying physical dominance, he proved to be highly charismatic for someone with orc blood in him. For years his orc tribe lived in the mountains, fearful of the claustrophobic effect of civilized man and machine closing in on their frontiers. Fear turned to anger, which was an advantage Asmodeus decided to take. Seeing an opportunity, the god of tyranny approached Borack in a dream, convincing him to join The Fury and assert himself into the court system of the Capitol and begin to turn the common races against “uncommoners.”

Borack’s human heritage was strong enough to allow him to pass as a human in the Capitol, and he used his deceptive charm and charisma to work his way to the highest and most corrupt of courts. Within a year, he became the unofficial ruler of the Capitol. All this time, Asmodeus continued to communicate with him by sending parchment messages through an Archeron-Material Plane portal hidden in a wooden chest. Borack belived he was serving the purposes of his tribe and of the natural earth by tearing the Capitol apart from the inside through subtle hatred and prejudice against “uncommoners.” He hoped that those uncommoners would rise up against the rest. He was hoping for war, as were the other members of The Fury.

On the day of Springfest, when the portal opened up and let in dozens of monsters, Borack felt he had fulfilled his duty to the earth and to his tribe. A group of adventurers acted quickly and killed him as his body drifted through the Astral Plane and through a silver portal back to the Material Plane. His body remains in the forest just north of Capitol Peak, and later everyone in his village was destroyed by Slade the Warforged Slayer. All that is, except one young half-orc, Borack’s only son.

Borack the Half-Orc Tyrant

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