Feyrow the Elder

The Scarecrow Wizard, one of the guardians of Wozington


Race: Scarecrow
Class: Wizard

Background: Animated Construct
Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Male
Age: Undetermined (has been sentient for 20 years)

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 130 lbs.

Eyes: Sewn-In
Skin: Cloth
Hair: Straw

Weapon of Choice: Magic


Feyrow is a sentient scarecrow who can trace his origins to the farmer who constructed him and the old wizard to gave him life and knowledge.

He spent the early years of his existence going on adventures with Boqqle and Leo. When the trio finally settled in Wozington, which was then governed by an elderly wizard (the same that brought life to Feyrow). They became the village guardians when the wizard died of old age. Feyrow was given charge over the wizard’s shop, which serves as Wozington’s general store for supplies and basic magic items. Feyrow is also the village expert on magic, having studied it throughout his long life. Because of his wrinkled appearance and mannerisms, as well as his personal connection with the previous village elder, Feyrow is known as “the Elder” of Wozington.

Feyrow the Elder

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