Jawbreaker the Glossy

An overly confident hot-head that everyone barely tolerates


Race: Halfling
Class: Thug (Fighter)

Background: Criminal
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Male
Age: 41

Height: 3’ 2"
Weight: 50 lbs.

Eyes: Sparkly blue
Skin: Pale, glossy (oily)
Hair: Greasy blonde

Weapon of Choice: Lollipop mace (standard mace, painted with bright colors)


Jawbreaker has a rough personality (“What the teff do you want!?”). He was hired by the Sweetmeat Guild as a factory guard, but was soon fired for his lack of sweetness. He has a very bad temper and often feels the need to prove his “awesomeness,” which often makes him a rough bully. Tavern keepers view Jawbreaker as a nuisance and oblige him to avoid property damage.

He has a high, squeaky voice and noticeably glossy skin (hence his title). Jawbreaker is always looking for work, preferably involving the chance to beat something, or someone, up. He hates evil witches (female sorcerers) because one destroyed his village years ago. Jawbreaker carries a lollipop mace, which was standard issue for Sweetmeat Factory guards, but he kept his after he was fired. Though he shows loyalty to people he admires and respects, he generally only looks after and cares for himself.

Earlier in his life, Jawbreaker was involved with a band of thugs in the southern town of Frenick. When he and other thugs ended up in prison for attempting a raid, BetterBorn was hired to help them escape. Ever since the Frenick Prison explosion, Jawbreaker has admired BetterBorn for being so “teffin’ awesome with his magic circle stuff!”

Jawbreaker the Glossy

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