Jay-Lo Wischa the Rakshasa

A cool cat, out to to bust some moves, rhymes, and towns


Race: Rakshasa
Class: Bard/Wizard

Background: Gladiator
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Gender: Male
Age: Lost count

Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 220 lbs.

Eyes: Feline
Skin: Orange and black fur
Hair: See above

Weapon of Choice: Claws, Enchantments, Rap Music


Like all other Rakshasas, Jay-Lo has origins and ancestry in the Nine Hells. But, he enjoys the Material Plane enough to decide to spend all his lives there. He spent many years as a gladiator with another Rakshasa, Jerome. The two of them were great friends and inseparable battle partners. Then one day, they decided to escape the arena and make their way in the world. However, they soon experienced a parting of ways because Jerome was beginning to reject his evil nature and origins in order to make a new cat of himself outside the gladiator arena. Jay-Lo had other ideas. Namely, conquering tribes, villages, towns, and kingdoms in order to bask in vast wealth and power.

This disagreement tore the friendship apart, and they went their separate ways. Jay-Lo embarked on a personal adventure for power, wealth, and the thrill of domination. He had become rather successful in conquering the villages and tribes that inhabited the far western lands. His power attracted the attention of Arkan, the Black Dragon, who approached Jay-Lo with an invitation to join the cause of The Fury. Seeing opportunities for more power, Jay-Lo agreed without hesitation.

Since his gladiator days, when Jay-Lowasn’t busy with enchantment spells, deception, and his claws, he invested some time in his other hobby: radical new music. He single-handedly created an ultra-modern, industrial musical genre and developed a rudimentary drum machine (also known as “boom boxes,” or “the Vibe Squad”) to accompany his cool-cat rhymes. As he solidified his artistic style, he began to incorporate that into his fighting style, using his beats and his rhymes to intimidate and enchant. Once he joined The Fury, Jay-Lo conquered the Sweetmeat Factory and set it up as his base to create enchanted candies to grant powers to “uncommoners” and embolden them against the prejudiced “commoners,” as well as hold an army and a dinosaur dedicated to protecting the factory from enemies of The Fury.

Jay-Lo never forgot about Jerome, and hoped that one day they would be reunited, if nothing else so that he could convince his old friend to return to evil so they can work together to shred more sick beats and weak villages, just like the old days.

Jay-Lo Wischa the Rakshasa

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