Reem the Ancient Red Dragon

A terrifying, greedy, legendary monster, sworn enemy of Argon


Race: Ancient Red Dragon
Class: Wild Dragon

Background: Legend
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Gender: Male
Age: As old as legends (such as Argon)

Height: 35’
Weight: 800 lbs.

Eyes: Gold
Skin: Red Scales
Hair: None

Weapon of Choice: Fire Breath


Ancient dragons are creatures of legend because they were created in eras of myth, from creation itself. It is common lore that giants and dragons have harbored a fierce rivalry over the centuries, but there is no other fiery grudge that rivals the hatred between Argon and Reem. Taking refuge in an ancient cave deep in the western mountains, on the borders of civilization, Reem has outlasted most of his kind in the land. He still reigns with his terrifying claws, and his insurmountable fire breath.

When he grew up from a small wyrmling to adulthood, Reem began to raid the villages and kingdoms of the land. Like most dragons, his lust for treasure is insatiable, but only requires food once every hundred years. After amounting an enormous collection, Reem has been content with resting on his gold and making the occasional raid. All of this is only interrupted by legendary skirmishes against Argon the Fire Giant. Many adventurers have sought after Reem, to avenge their razed homes or to claim some of the treasure, but no one ever succeeded in defeating him.

That is, until Arkan came along.

Encouraged by Asmodeus, Arkan the Black Dragon snuck into Reem’s cave and ambushed him with acid. The ensuing battle was fierce, and it was clear that Arkan was no match for the red dragon. However, Aryan the Acidulous was also present, and he prepared a plane shift spell that would spirit Reem away from the world. In the middle of battle, Aryan used his magic to banish Reem to the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, and there Reem remained to meet his end at last.

Reem the Ancient Red Dragon

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