Soveliss the Judiciary Treasurer

A quiet, albeit lonely servent of the public good


Race: Drow (Dark elf)
Class: Administrator

Background: Noble
Alignment: Lawful good

Gender: Male
Age: 374

Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: Grey
Skin: Dark Grey
Hair: White

Weapon of Choice: None


There aren’t many drow in modern civilization, and even fewer who can be seen as truly free of the criminal reputation so easily associated with the dark elves. Soveliss was born in the Capitol to a drow couple who held prominent positions in the city’s court system. His parents advocated for their son to be entrusted with a position in the Judiciary, and after many years of faithful service as a custodian and a messenger, he was finally promoted as the keeper of the Judiciary treasury. He spends his work days managing the bails, debts, fines, rewards, salaries, and other financial transactions related to the Judiciary.

Working at the Judiciary is not the most social atmosphere, and Soveliss’ only pet peeve about his job is the lack of available female company. He hardly gets to see many of his co-workers, apart from Ilde, who is a bit short and too uptight for his taste. Soveliss hopes to find opportunities to take on more public responsibilities so he can interact with more city folk. There’s surely at least a few sophisticated elvish ladies he could meet and court. Until then, Soveliss remains dedicated to his secret service to public law and order.

Soveliss the Judiciary Treasurer

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