Sporck the Half-Orc Bard

A jovial half-orc, entertains friend and foe with pipe and lance, respectively


Race: Half-Orc
Class: Bard

Background: Entertainer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male
Age: 30

Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 250 lbs.

Eyes: Brown
Skin: More green than pale
Hair: Brown

Weapon of Choice: Lance, Bagpipes


Sporck, the son of an orc and a moon elf, was the only half-orc child in the entire orc tribe, with the exception of another half-orc boy, Borack. The two young half-orcs never became good friends because they never had the same interests. While Borack trained in the ways of the warrior, Sporck favored music. While skilled with a lance, he always preferred to spend his downtime filling the mountain air with the mighty drones of his bagpipes. He also loved stories, although they were in disappointingly short supply in his orc tribe. He became fascinated with dragon legends, and hoped to discover those epic tales. Perhaps he could even meet a dragon some day! Sporck’s life changed when the village elder, blessed by Bahamut the good dragon god, had a vision of Sporck leaving the clan and finding an old silver dragonborn sage to help him recover the lost stories and songs of dragonkind.

Sporck left his village and travelled through the mountains to find this old sage. On the way he met Arjan, a red dragonborn whose clan elder (also inspired by a vision) sent him off on a quest to find a silver dragonborn sage and help him recover lore and history. When the two adventurers realized they were on the same quest, they saw the hand of destiny and journeyed together. They found the sage in the city, the Capitol, at the top of Capitol Peak. There they found and met Yarjerit Tinntinabulaar. They became apprentices to this old dragonborn, and they accomplished many recovery missions together, under Yarjerit’s guidence and building his library of dragon lore.

Sporck is beloved by all his friends and associates, if nothing else but for his jovial, extroverted, and at times brash charm. He enjoys meeting new people and impromptu jam sessions just as much as he enjoys multiple drafts of ale. He thrives in the lively taverns and campfires. When in combat, he tucks his bagpipes under his arm, bellowing a mighty drone or letting a mighty mantra erupt from his lungs as he lunges forth with his lance.

Sporck the Half-Orc Bard

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