Yarjerit Tinntinabulaar

A gentle hero, a great sage, a wise seeker of beauty and truth


Race: Silver Dragonborn
Class: Bard

Background: Sage
Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Male
Age: 32

Height: 6’
Weight: 190 lbs.

Eyes: Blue
Skin: Silver scales
Hair: None

Weapon of Choice: Magic, Music, Spoken Word


The only son of a bronze dragonborn monk (who turned out to be a full-fledged gold dragon in disguise), Yarjerit Tinntinabulaar (or Yarjerit, for short) was proficient with words and music from a very young age. In his youth, “Tuneful” was the nickname he often received from other young dragonborn. He was coming of age when his father (still in dragonborn form) was sick on his deathbed. His father had started a library collection of dragon lore, and his dying wish was for his son to continue that work, and perhaps find a lost library full of forgotten history belonging to dragonkind. Yarjerit dedicated his life to this mission.

Yarjerit’s first quest, seeking a wonderfully rare tome through the choking depths of the Underdark, nearly killed him. Luckily, he was able to meet other friendly adventurers, find the tome, and return to the surface. The knowledge and friendships he gained in that first adventure inspired him to carry on and find many more treasures of art and knowledge relating to dragons and dragonborn.

Eventually, Yarjerit, settled in the Capitol and established his library there. His old age prevented him from going on more adventures, so Bahamut, the good dragon god, sent two younger travellers, Arjan and Sporck, to help him as his apprentices.

Wherever he went, Yarjerit looked for beauty even in the darkest places, and sought to inspire hope through inspiring words and music (specializing in the lute, the shawm, and the drums), carried by his profound baritone voice. From his first adventure to the day he disappeared from the Capitol, Yarjerit never sought greatness, only goodness, and in the end he achieves both with gentle grace.

Yarjerit Tinntinabulaar

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