Here There Be Science; Here There Be Dragons!

Chapter 10: Giants in Reptilla Cave

Once the heroes returned to the Material Plane, they headed straight for Wozington, preparing to defend the village against a barrage of dragons, giants, beholders, and whatever else escaped through that portal. When they arrive at the village, they see nothing out of the ordinary. No monster attack, no property damage, nothing. They visit Leo to see if he knows anything about the monsters.

Leo wasn’t very helpful. He, along with the rest of the village, was very aware of what happened to the Capitol, and the village is getting ready for a major attack, even though nothing attacked yet. All the monsters just flew straight overhead and split into seperate directions. They were starting to shelter the villagers into the Sweetmeat Factory, but BetterBorn and Jerome wouldn’t allow it. They wanted to keep making profit from it. Leo becomes annoyed at this, but the tension is dispelled when BetterBorn gives Leo 10,000 gold pieces to help in building a stone shelter. Though Leo didn’t agree with the factory owners’ views, he is grateful for their help. He also suggested talking to Feyrow, who has more knowledge of magic and monsters.

The party approach Feyrow, who expresses a theory that all these hostile creatures didn’t attack because they were each looking for a lair. It is common for dragons, beholders, and giants, to stake a claim to a cave, a fortress, or other location, and expand their borders from there. BetterBorn remembers that the nearest cave to Wozington is Reptilla Cave, so the party decides to explore the cave and wipe out any hostile inhabitants.

They slowly approach the cave and inside they find four cloud giants, who begin to attack them immediately. With BetterBorn’s firewalls, Jerome’s earth tremors, and psychic attacks from Nobu and Rahm, the party was on their way to finishing the giants. Then, one cloud giant turns behind him and calls out for help. Two storm giants, bigger, taller, stronger, join the fight for the cave. These newcomers prove to be much more difficult, especially when their magical lightning bolts knocked Rahm out and their boulders came just shy of killing BetterBorn. However, the players used their magic to wear down the storm giants.

Rahm created an illusion of himself to distract one of the giants.BetterBorn cast another firewall, and Jerome cast another earth tremor, which created a tremendous amount of difficult terrain across the wide cave tunnel. What really got things going was BetterBorn’s tesla coil, which cast a sphere of darkness the first time he used it, and covered most of the cave floor with grass the second time. An active firewall set the grass on fire, which dealt continuous the fire damage that eventually wiped out both giants.

With the giants’ bodies lying in smoking grass, and half the party unconscious or nearly so, the players return to Wozington for a long, deserved rest.



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