Here There Be Science; Here There Be Dragons!

Chapter 6: Lord of the Fire Giants

Our heroes have bested yet another member of The Fury, a mysterious faction that seems to be bent on the destruction of modern civilization. Not only that, but our heroes have also become the new owners of the Sweetmeat Factory, and will collect daily profits accordingly. While taking a brief respite in the village, Juan decides to separate from the party. Though he has enjoyed exploring the factory with the other players, circumstances prevented him from going on adventures for the time being. He needed to rest his old frame.

Arjan and Sporck explain that Yarjerit sent them to go to a large cave south of Wozington in search of some ancient tomes of dragon lore, and the players decide to come along. Perhaps their path will take them closer to Reem.

It is a three-day journey to the cave. On the way, the party fights an owl bear (Jerome collects a necklace made of teeth that can help him identify magic items) and later finds a large, ancient, ivy-covered statue. The statue is one of a drow, appearing to point toward their destination. The party soon reaches the cave and finds another ancient statue of an elegantly-dressed drow. Hidden in a hollow inside the statue’s pedestal was a bag and a clay container, each holding shiny red dust. The dust in the bag looks a little different than the dust in the container, but not by much.

Deeper into the cave, the party comes across a throne room, with Elphabon sitting at the throne. The players inform him of a large reward for his return to custody, and Elphabon doesn’t mind the idea of going to jail, knowing that he can escape again. The players reason with him that if he can escape, then they can just deliver him to the Judiciary to collect the reward and leave him to his own devices. Elphabon refuses to go with the party, however, saying they’d have to get permission from the “Big Boss” behind him. The party agrees to talk to this “boss.”

The party enters a much larger chamber behind Elphabon’s fancy chair, with a gigantic throne situated before a wall of falling lava. Seated on this throne is a fire giant who proclaims himself to be Argon, Lord of the Fire Giants. Booth remembers Yarjerit telling him that Argon and Reem have a vicious rivalry, and Argon would likely relish any opportunity to vanquish Reem entirely. Argon eyes the newcomers suspiciously, sharpening his enormous longsword on a boulder-sized whetstone. The adventurers spend some time talking with Argon, hoping to convince him to join them against Reem. Argon simply laughs at them, exclaiming that Reem is no longer his concern because he is no longer in this world. Another dragon has taken Reem’s place: Arkan the Black Dragon. The giant further explains that he and Arkan are the joint rulers of The Fury. The players take some time to discuss a few possibilities among themselves, most notably the idea of joining The Fury to eventually usurp power and become the faction’s leaders (apparently, it is not enough for them to be simply factory owners). Naturally, Argon is suspicious of these adventurers, and the banter soon bores him. A battle ensues.

Although Argon is a fire giant, he seemed to have the strength and stamina of an adult red dragon. BetterBorn begins by using a bind spell on Argon, but only manages to tie his legs and waist. Argon retained full use of his arms. The party continues to wail on him as he swings with his longsword and tosses gargantuan boulders. The battle wears on, and the players wear Argon down until Slade takes his sentient vorpal sword, Wing, and beheads the giant. Slade then takes Argon’s huge longsword (the warforged had the strength to wield it). The heroes return to Elphabon and show him Argon’s head. This causes the players to see an expression they’ve never seen on Elphabon’s face: shock and awe. The players, especially Jerome, claim the title of joint leader of The Fury. In their own words, “We are Argon.” Elphabon sees the party’s spoils and says in a shocked whisper, “You are Argon!” The party takes Elphabon with them back to the Capitol. Elphabon assures them that he won’t escape, because he has no where to go except to Arkan, and he would rather not deal directly with the fearsome black dragon.

Over these past few days, the players see their first Sweetmeat Factory profits in the form of dozens of gold pieces.



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