Elphabon the War Alchemist

A cunning drow alchemist, an intermittent thorn in the roses of civilization


Race: Drow (dark elf)
Class: Mage/Alchemist, with some Monk training

Background: Sage (discredited academic)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Male
Age: 120

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Eyes: Red
Skin: Dark
Hair: White

Weapon of Choice: Combat Alchemy (potions, sling)

Elphabon mainly attacks with potions, which he carries in a Bag of Holding. At the beginning of his turn, he uses a bonus action to draw a potion from his bag. The potion he takes is determined by a d20. A list of his prepared potions is below. Once a potion is used in a combat, it is not replaced. This may require occasional rerolls.

He recognizes each potion instantly and can choose to use his action to drink it, smash it on a floor or wall, or use a sling to throw the bottle and its contents towards a creature. The potion bottle deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage, and the potion takes effect on the creature as it spills out. Potions that are used in this way against a creature are called Attack Potions (Atk).

Elphabon also has a heightened unarmored AC due to the time he took to learn a couple of basic monk features and techniques.

d20 | Potion of
1—Poppyseed Dressing (tasty sling attack)
2—Diminution (Atk)
3—Fire Breath
4—Gaseous Form (Atk)
5—Fire Giant Strength
10-12—Healing (2d4+2 HP)
13-15—Greater Healing (4d4+4 HP)
17—Fireball Potion (Atk, Dex Save, 4d6 fire damage)
18—Snowball Potion (Atk, Dex Save, 4d6 cold damage)
20—Your choice


Elphabon was a student at the Battlement Academy, a rival alchemy school to the Horringon Academy. Battlement specialized in “war alchemy,” or “combat alchemy.” Elphabon had always been intrigued by alchemy, and the interesting applications it could have in combat. He is very intelligent and clever, with an intuitive mind that can anticipate many outcomes and plan solutions accordingly. He became an eminent scholar in war alchemy and developed his own theories and applications that led to the development of potions that gave a creature permanent enhancements, such as fire breath, flying, and giant strength. He further developed his expertise in combat by training for several months in a monastery, making him all the more agile and greatly improving his reflexes.

He found the opportunity to put his genius to use when he encountered Argon, the fire giant, while out collecting ingredients for potions of giant strength. Argon was one of the two leaders of a hidden group called The Fury. As a drow, Elphabon was used to being ostracized by civilized society, and gladly dedicated his talents to the service of The Fury.

Soon after he was initiated into The Fury, Elphabon established his base in the abandoned Western Fortress, and gained the favor of the local reptilla tribe to help him enhance wild dinosaurs and set them loose on the nearest sign of civilization: Wozington.

Elphabon the War Alchemist

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