Ilde the Judiciary Clerk

A strict, self-righteous administrator of the Judiciary


Race: Dwarf
Class: Clerk

Background: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Female
Age: 100

Height: 4’ 5"
Weight: 150 lbs.

Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Hair: Red

Weapon of Choice: Pen and Paperwork (previously, a warhammer)


Ilde is not terribly forthcoming about her warrior past, not because she is ashamed of it, but because she feels she has outgrown the fantasies of her youth. As a little dwarfish child, she dreamed of being enlisted in a regiment of soldiers and then going on her own adventures. After a few battles in an army and later in a small adventuring group, she realized the violent life of a fighter was not for her. She retired from adventuring early and chose to further the cause of justice as a clerk for the Judiciary in the Capitol.

The few who know of her past are surprised she wasn’t ever a paladin, because she has set taken up a very strict, perfectionist, even matriarchal attitude as the administrative gatekeeper of the Judiciary. She doesn’t tolerate inefficiency, ineptitude, or corruption. However, she did get caught up with the rest of the city in a self-righteous prejudice against “uncommoners” until the catastrophic portal erupted during that fateful Springfest day.

Ilde the Judiciary Clerk

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