Here There Be Science; Here There Be Dragons!

Chapter 12: Epilogue

In our last session, a few of the players confided in me that, as much as they’ve been enjoying this campaign, they felt that it had run its course. All the material that I had prepared back in March had been used, and we’ve come to the point where I am barely coming up with reasons for the party to continue their adventures. The new party members still have goals, but the original ones are either gone or have done what they set out to do. Besides, we were excited for other campaigns that we had just started or would soon start (I had started as a DM for a “Curse of Strahd” adventure, and another friend had an Asian campaign that he was planning).

For these reasons, the players behind BetterBorn and Jerome decided to turn against the other players in the hopes of making an epic ending for this campaign. It was crazy and unexpected, but we all achieved an ending that we felt was epic enough to lay this steampunk campaign to rest. I mean, two powerful traitors, the return of Booth, and an explosion that sent almost everyone into the planes they deserved? That was epic.

However, there are several loose ends that I, as the DM, would like to tie up. I felt an epilogue was needed for the sake of finishing the story, for revealing the fates of the other characters, and for providing enough material to end the previous story while keeping the possibility of future adventures open. I have really enjoyed creating and running this campaign, and from March to the middle of May it has been a great two-and-a-half month run, especially as a first-time DM. The rest of the story, as I envision it, is as follows.

Rahm, the only adventurer to survive the tremendous skirmish in the Western Fortress, travels back to Wozington to find his traveling companion, Bran, who is appalled when told about BetterBorn’s and Jerome’s treachery. The two of them still have a reason to continue their adventures: they both desire the demise of Asmodeus. They continue with that singular goal in mind. Sometimes they have to separate for a time in order to build their individual skills and strengths, but they both resolve that when the time comes, they will confront Asmodeus together.

Because of BetterBorn’s amazing generosity (250,000 gold pieces!), Leo and the other two guardians in Wozington were able to take the lead in expanding and fortifying the village to the point that it could no longer be called a village. All the citizens who escaped from the Capitol flocked to growing village, the closest civilized settlement that remained. Wozington soon became the new Capitol. Adventurers (including Rahm, Bran, Javert, Slade, and Areosona) traveled all across the nation, seeking out the monsters and killing many of them. Leo, Boqqle, and Feyrow, though they remained the primary guardians of Wozington, created a parliament system for the growing city. This allowed them to travel with other adventurers in the grand quest to undo the work attempted upon the Material Plane by Asmodeus and his followers (Arkan, Argon, Aryan, Borack, Jay-Lo, Elphabon, and others). Eventually, the eradication of the monsters led to a period of prosperity and peace.

Slade did eventually find the clan of mountain orcs that razed his home village. He discovered that Borack, the clan leader, had never returned to the clan. With his giant sword and his sentient vorpal blade, Wing, Slade was able to overtake the orc village single-handedly. Afterwards, he joined other adventurers in slaying the dragons. giants, beholders, and other monsters that had begun to establish their domains in the world. As Slade left the mountains, a young half-orc, a son of Borack, stood alone in the decimated remains of his clan. He picked up a discarded axe and swore to avenge his village by slaying every sentient robot in the realm.

Javert’s quest to find his brother’s murderer took him to the town of Sonasea, a trading port on the eastern shore. In his investigation, he discovered that the man who killed his brother was, in fact, a knowledge- and power-hungry wizard with a reputation of killing off aristocrats and stealing their wealth and their libraries. Javert met a harpy, Areosona, who also had a vendetta against this wizard, as he had stolen her most prized possession (her ship, Black Wing). The two of them commandeered a smaller ship, with the help of a half-orc barbarian named Dench (who began his pirating career under Areosona’s banner). They eventually found the ship and killed the wizard. Areosona got her ship back, and named Dench her new first mate, while Javert decided to retire in Sonasea. Less than a year later, news spread of numerous monster attacks in the southwest, near the Capitol. Javert briefly went out of retirement to help eradicate the numerous threats.

Areosona and Dench remained on the Black Wing with their crew, but they did manage to wipe out a kraken, an dragon turtle, and an aboleth horde, as well as the occasional flying dragon or two whenever they were in the neighborhood.

Arjan and Sporck settled in Wozington, switching between the thrill of monster-slaying and the reestablishment of Yarjerit’s library. Feyrow was able to help them travel to the Astral plane, where the Capitol remained, in order to collect as much of the original library collection as they could. The two of them were inseparable throughout the rest of their adventures. Though they would never see Yarjerit again in person, their dreams would occasionally include a memory or a word of advice from their old master.

The Sweetmeat Factory and the Sweetmeat Guild continued to prosper under their new management: Jawbreaker the Glossy. Much to the initial chagrin of the Sweetmeat Guild, Jawbreaker was able to ride off of the esteemed reputation of his cousin, Pith, to gain the influence he needed to secure the ownership of the factory. However, Jawbreaker proved to be too unpredictable as a leader, so Pith became the acting executive officer as Jawbreaker thrived in a rich thug life. Though he doesn’t see much in the way of actual combat anymore, he did start his own side business to keep himself busy. Inspired by the tavern tales of Jay-Lo’s musical genius (tales passed down from our heroes to the tavern-goers who overheard), he founded SweetBeats (an idea stolen from Pith, who initially heard about the prospect from our heroes), a recording company and subsidiary of the Sweetmeat Factory. Jawbreaker truly broke records, trends, and traditions to establish a steampunk-rap style of music that had profound effects on popular culture in Wozington City. Jawbreaker was, at last, rich and famous. Jawbreaker became, in his own words, “a teffin’ beastly boss of beats!”

Mr. Suur never moved out of the Capitol Checkpoint. Though terribly disappointed in the fate of the Capitol, he was able to reestablish the Checkpoint as a tourist attraction, retaining its inn, tavern, greenhouse, and art gallery, for hikers, sightseers, and vacationers who wanted to visit Capitol mountain. Mr. Suur never shed his distrust towards “uncommoners,” but for the sake of business, he always allowed anyone and everyone to pass to the peak.

The Judiciary was reestablished in Wozington, which allowed Ilde and Soveliss (the pleasant drow treasurer) to retain their original jobs as Judiciary clerk and treasurer, respectively. They and all other government officials continued to conduct business, shape policy, and enjoy life as before.

When Yarjerit Tinntinabulaar realized that he had no advantage over Borack or his superiors alone, he transported himself to the Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia. This plane is home to all who are lawful and good. He believed that the best way for him to improve upon his vast knowledge and skill would be to visit with the celestial and divine characters who live in Mount Celestia. He met Moradin and other deities, and learned to become a much greater force for good. He had been kept aware of what was happening in the Material Plane, but chose to associate himself with the celestials and join with them against Asmodeus and other forces and sources of evil in the multiverse. Yarjerit soon became close to a god himself, but never desired his own following. He did, however, take special care to watch over his esteemed apprentices, Arjan and Sporck, occasionally visiting them in their dreams, acting as a sort of guardian angel as they continued the work he started.

Asmodeus and Aryan are still at large, and they work together to try to create dissonance and discord, especially in the vulnerable Material Plane. There also remain numerous lands and worlds unexplored and unknown to any adventurer, as knowledge, science, and civilization continue in the constant struggle against the malicious, untamed forces of monsters and dragons.



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